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Official DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC (PC)

DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC (PC)

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About This Content

This edition of DreadOut includes :

  1. In-game Costume unlock code. Starting the game with Linda's wardrobe unlocked.
  2. 15 Tracks of music soundtrack.
  3. 100 pages of digital manga.

  • Linda's wardrobe includes three additional costumes. In the standard version, Linda's various costumes will unlock after completing the game.

  • The Official Soundtrack in both MP3 and Wav formats, with music from various Indonesian indie bands.
    Tracks included :
    1. Mocca - Lucky Me
    2. Koil - Suaramu Merdu
    3. Sarasvati - Bilur
    4. Sarasvati feat. Trah Project - Gloomy Sunday
    5. Koil - Semoga Kau Sembuh part I
    6. Tesla Manaf & Mahagotra Ganesha - Disequilibrium
    7. Sigmun - Land of the Living Dead
    8. Koil - Dan Cinta Kita Terlupakan

  • This compilation also includes the DreadOut OST, with music composed and arranged by by Adhitia Sulistiana Wibisana and Pratama Kusuma Putra
    featuring Risa Saraswati.
    Tracks Included:
    01 - DreadOut BGM - Animus Corpus
    02 - DreadOut BGM - Malivolus Inimicus
    03 - DreadOut BGM - Insidiae Fatum
    04 - DreadOut BGM - Tacitus Noctii
    05 - DreadOut BGM - Gigantus Mutandis
    06 - DreadOut BGM - Compendium Detractus
    07 - Risa Saraswati - Lingsir Wengi

  • The official DreadOut manga written and illustrated by various Indonesian writers and artists.
    Containing 100+ pages of stories based on the game in PDF format.

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